Product Usage

Eczemaderm is usually applied to affected areas three times daily. If three times daily application is not possible, the most important application times would be after a shower or bath and at bedtime. Showering or bathing causes a great deal of moisture to evaporate from the skin, thus potentiating eczema. Therefore, bedtime application of Eczemaderm will provide the needed relief from this irritation condition, allowing a much more restful sleep.

It is also interesting to note that Eczemaderm works best when rubbed in well into the tissues. The goal of Eczemaderm is to deliver nutrients deep into the tissues, leaving behind a protective film. The penetration of these nutrients will be aided by ensuring Eczemaderm is completely rubbed in. Eczemaderm rubs in tremendously fast and easy, and the process should only take seconds.

Goals of Therapy

Non-pharmacologic Therapy

In addition to avoiding individual trigger factors, the following non-pharmacologic therapies are recommended: